COUNTY MAN: The Documentary 

County Man: The Documentary

In this world of superheroes, one stands behind the rest: County Man.

From Gotham to New York City, Superheroes protect mankind from certain destruction.  But not all Superheroes are found in the big, bad city. Not all threats to mankind are, threatening.

Meet County Man - the best darn Superhero in all of Union County. He can fly faster than a hornet swarm, he is stronger than the will of an old farm hand and he can put out a barn fire in 3 seconds flat.  Union County has never been the same since County Man’s arrival and it may never go back to the way it was before; the way people liked it.

Captured in this
 shocking expose by an newcomer reporter, County Man’s story is revealed.   Tonya Mathis conducts candid interviews from the people who know County Man best: his best friend, his girl and even the Man himself.

County Man...he’s Okay.

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Here what people are saying about Count Man:

“As a filmmaker myself, I always applaud the work that goes into getting a project done. I applaud even louder for those that get it done well. You definitely got it done well! I can't wait to see what is next for this project.” 

 - John Proctor Writer/Producer of "Faith Ties"

"County man is so clever, I want to see more! “
- Kimiko Warner-Turner

“Loved County Man. Cant wait to have some fun and catch the full version."     -Rene Moran

“The premise is hilarious and the cast is phenomenal. This film makes a meal of awkward moments and it is just delicious! Reminiscent of Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman et al — I miss this type of humor!!! This stylized family film fills a niche that is currently empty in the industry! Bravo!”
- Murisa Harba