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Yogurt Girl

In this world of superheros, one stands behind the rest: County Man.

Superman in Metropolis, Batman in Gotham, The Avengers in New York City - SuperHeroes who help protect Mankind from certain destruction.  But not all SuperHeros are found in the big, bad city. Not all threats to mankind are, threatening.

Meet County Man - the best darn Superhero in all of Union County. He can fly faster than a hornet swarm, he is stronger than the will of an old farm hand and he can put out a barn fire in 3 seconds flat.  Union County has never been the same since his arrival and, bless his heart, it might never go back to the way it was before; the way people liked it.

Captured in this lackluster, shocking expose by an amateur reporter, County Man’s origin and the story of Union County are revealed. With candid interviews from the people who know County Man best like his best friend, his girl and even the Man himself.

County Man...he’s okay.

Soul Mates

Welcome to NMFCCS! Please watch and subscribe beacuse Jazz really wants to go to college and college is really expensive!

We cook fun recipes, do awesome challenges and have a great time in the kitchen making vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods.

Need Money For College Cooking Show

County Man

With imagination and a few healthy suggestions, a new superhero has been born! Yogurt Girl embodies the joy of childhood wishes and the unlimited possibilities that each day can bring.

An modern twist on Oscar Wilde's classic . . . with a smartphone.

When two people really belong to each other, we call them soul mates.  But sometimes, we need a little help to find the one that’s meant for us.

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Kissing In A Tree Productions 



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It’s an average day in English class, at an average high school, in an average town. Chaun takes it upon himself to help his new classmates see that when we believe in unlimited possibilities, anything can happen. Sometimes, being present in the moment allows your wishes to come true.